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CEC Summarizes Final Vote Tally for October 31 Parliamentary Elections

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia summarized on December 3 the final vote tally for the October 31 parliamentary elections, as well as November 21 majoritarian runoffs.

The tenth convocation of the Georgian Parliament is to hold its inaugural session no later than the tenth day following the summarization of the final results.

CEC said out of 3,511,853 eligible voters, 1,992,891 cast a ballot by the proportional system.

According to the final results, overall seven political parties and two electoral blocs passed the 1% election threshold. The results of proportional voting are as follows:

Regarding majoritarian elections, ruling Georgian Dream party candidates were elected in all 30 single-mandate constituencies, CEC said. GD majoritarian hopefuls secured first-round victories in 13 constituencies, as well as won the 17 runoffs held amid the opposition boycott.

Thus, GD, which secured a third consecutive parliamentary victory, unprecedented for independent Georgia, will have 90 deputies in the new Parliament.

Of the 150 MPs elected, 31 were women, constituting 21% of the total.

As things stand, all eight opposition parties that passed the 1% election threshold, are refusing to recognize the election results and are rejecting to enter the next parliament. The opposition parties are demanding, among others, snap elections, claiming the Georgian Dream government rigged elections.

To overcome a political impasse GD and the opposition parties began a political dialogue through the facilitation of the EU, U.S. Ambassadors on November 12, and held two rounds of talks, that yielded no results so far.

SEC Summarizes Adjara Supreme Council Elections

On December 4, the Supreme Election Commission (SEC) of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara summarized the results of the Supreme council elections. SEC said out of 314,889 eligible voters 186,205 (59.13%) cast a ballot. Only two parties/blocs passed the 5% threshold, the ruling Georgian Dream party (45.9%) and the United National Movement-led Strength in Unity bloc (34%).

Regarding majoritarian voting, GD secured victory in one of the three single-mandate constituencies in the first round and won the two others in November 21 runoffs, held amid the opposition boycott. According to SEC final results, in the 21-member Supreme Council, GD received 14 mandates, while the UNM received 7. The opposition is refusing to enter the Adjara legislative body as well.

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