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Interview | EU Foreign Agent Law: Time is of the Essence

GYLA: Parliament is obliged to expand the format of cooperation with civil society

Interview | Alexander Vinnikov: Any progress Georgia makes towards EU is also progress towards eventual NATO membership

Interview | Koert Debeuf: The whole European thinking is changing dramatically

Nationalism and ideology in present-day Georgia: Interview with Prof. Stephen Jones

Dr. Laure Delcour: EU is placed in a situation where it has to develop a regional vision

Q&A: What Next for Progress on Georgia’s EU Membership Path?

EU Ambassador Herczynski: When Georgians are United, Great Things Happen

Estonia’s Foreign Minister: “If the priorities are fulfilled, Georgia should get the candidate status”

Latvia’s Foreign Minister on Georgia’s EU Candidacy: “It is up to the Georgian government to do its utmost”

State Minister Anna Lührmann: Georgia Belongs in the EU, but Reforms are a Must

Interview | “Government’s goal is to sell increased Sino-Georgian cooperation as a counterbalance to its total failure on the Western front”

EUHR Borrell: Historic opportunity should not be missed

Hugues Mingarelli: Georgia Deserves Candidacy if Citizens Vote for Leaders who Embrace EU Values

Ministers Reflect | David Lezhava (DMoF 2012-2016)

Interview | EU Ambassador Pawel Herczyński 

Q&A | U.S. Sanctions on Judges: What’s Next?

Q&A | What Message does FM Annalena Baerbock bring to Georgia?

Interview | U.S. Ambassador Kelly C. Degnan

Q&A | Why was Georgia absent from President Biden’s Poland Speech?

Q&A | US-Georgia Relations: Going Strong Despite Incendiary Rhetoric?

Q&A | What does “Foreign Agent Law” mean for Georgia?

Q&A | How should the EU Act on Georgia’s Candidacy?

Interview | Richard Youngs: Democratic Quality of States is Diminishing

Interview | John A. Pennel, USAID Mission Director

Interview | Dr. Claire P. Kaiser: Nuance is Necessary for Understanding Georgia in the Soviet period

Interview | Rallying Global South: How did Georgia do it?

Interview | EU Media Freedom Act: New Approach to Media Regulations?

Attack on CSOs | Nika Simonishvili, GYLA: Those who know our work, won’t fall for government’s lies

Attack on CSOs | Eka Gigauri, Transparency International Georgia: “This is admission of their weakness”

Commentary | Significance of President Ursula von der Leyen’s Speech

Q&A | EBRD President Odile Renaud-Basso

‘Violating Neutrality’ or ‘Attempts to Discredit’: ISFED Responds to Ruling Party Accusations

Interview | Damon Wilson, President of the National Endowment for Democracy

Interview | Head of EUMM Georgia Talks Abkhazia, S. Ossetia

‘Fear & Apathy’: Pundits on Georgian Govt’s Steps amid Ukraine War

Waiting for Resettlement – IDPs from Georgia and Azerbaijan

U.S.-Russia Talks: What Are Georgia’s Options?

Pundits Talk Key Takeaways from Local Elections

Ministers Reflect | Ketevan Bochorishvili (MESD 2012-2017)

Q&A | The Deal is Signed: What now?

Opposition Politicians on Namakhvani HPP Protests

Interview | On the Soviet Past, Myths and Relevance

Interview | Turkish Ambassador on Bilateral Ties with Georgia, Namakhvani HPP

Q&A | How Can Gali Residents be Heard?

From Khulo to Namakhvani to Gardabani, Georgia’s Activists in Spotlight

Insight | Soviet Occupation Centennial Reminds of the Unresolved Past

Q&A | Why is Georgia on EU’s Mind?

Ministers Reflect | Kaha Baindurashvili (MoF 2009-2011)

What Now? Experts on Ways Out of Georgia Crisis

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