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A Tribute to the National Hero

With the passing of Senator John McCain, the United States has lost a visionary politician and a devoted statesman, a man of extraordinary courage and high moral integrity. The country of Georgia, few thousand miles away, has lost a true friend and a staunch ally, a passionate defender of freedom …

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Europe – Handle with Care

Georgia`s diplomatic spat with EU Special Representative (EUSR) Herbert Salber last week was as bad-tempered as it was unnecessary. Worse, the confidence-wrecking outburst makes the real differences between Georgia and the EU on breakaway regions even more difficult to address. Ambassador Salber represents the EU in Geneva International Discussions (GID), …

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Name the culprit!

 US is Targeted by the Russian Active Measures Russia is trying to influence the outcome of the American presidential election, but also to damage its very legitimacy in the eyes of the voters. The US is right to respond by naming the culprit. American politicians and political organizations are being …

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Achievements must be recognized

Georgia is one of the few bright lights among the countries of the Eastern partnership. It is all the more regrettable, therefore, that there has been a delay in agreeing the visa liberalisation regime between Georgia and the EU before the Georgian parliamentary elections on 8 October. This is unfortunate …

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Georgia needs Europe’s Normative Force

Georgia’s perennial dilemma is whether it can survive as an independent state and pursue its sovereign choices in the context of great power competition characteristic to the region. As a small state struggling for survival, it tended to rely and to a degree idealize the potency of a benign political …

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