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After Assad Debacle, Syrian Opposition backs Georgia

Precisely a month after Georgia has severed diplomatic relations with the Damascus following Assad regime’s decision to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Tbilisi has scored a point by achieving the backing of the Syrian opposition for its territorial integrity. Georgian Public Television has quoted Nasr al-Hariri, President of the Syrian …

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The Race for the Fertile Crescent

Events of historic consequence are occurring in Syria’s eastern desert and the Euphrates valley. Out of the countless events of the Syrian war so far, the present moment may be the most important one in deciding the near geopolitical future of the Fertile Crescent. Daesh—the so-called Islamic State—is falling. Chances are, it will remain …

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Georgia-Russia: Getting Security Right

This past spring, the observers of largely anemic diplomatic talks in Geneva were exited to hear the reluctant confirmation by the Georgian foreign ministry of the “minor progress” regarding the non-use-of-force (NUF) agreement. This followed on Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s “expectation” that such agreement was becoming “realistic…in the foreseeable …

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Yes, he may

Trump’s election can change the world a heartbeat Early summer 1914 was tranquil, with international instability of the previous several years seemingly wearing down. When people opened newspapers and read that Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria had been murdered in Sarajevo on 28 June, few granted exceptional significance to that …

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Georgia: the Populist Break-in

As the West continues to struggle with the consequences of financial and humanitarian crises, European liberal democracies have come under heavy pressure from insurgent political parties. These parties are newer, smaller and considerably more radical than their traditional counterparts. Their approval rates are growing rapidly as popular resentment towards established …

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Local Self-governance or just Governance?

In the nearest days Georgian Parliament will discuss the bill of Amendments to the Law on Local Governance and Self Governance. This very law will determine the worthiness of the future self-governance in Georgia. Introduction of the new bill was dictated by the second local self-governance elections in November 2001. …

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