New Tax Law Fuels Worries of Georgia Becoming Black Money Hub

US FARA vs. Georgian Foreign Agents Law: Three Major Differences

MDF Report on Sexist Language and Gender Disinformation in Georgia

Ruling Majority Tests Homophobia as Campaign Pillar

Abkhazia Feels Russian Chokehold Tighten

Garibashvili’s Three-year Premiership: the Guardian of Self-Serving “Stability”

Despite reforms, debts and evictions plague Georgians

Interview | Elections of Hope in Poland, or How to defeat illiberal populism?

Government’s EU Action Plan: the Intention that Counts?

European Commission Calls on Georgia to Fight Kremlin Propaganda

Explainer | What is the “Anti-Maidan Movement”?

The Blame Game: GD Anticipates EC Candidacy Decision

Whither Democratic Schools?

NATO Vilnius Summit and Georgia: a Bitter Aftertaste

Tbilisi Stuck in Neutral Between Russia and the West

Georgia and NATO Ahead of Vilnius Summit: Where did the Spark Go?

Georgian Dream and President Zurabishvili: the Cold War is About to Get Colder?

Analysis | Rapprochement with Russia: what now?

Explainer | What Can the Juries Try in Georgia?

May 4-5 CPAC Speakers’ Position on Russia and on War in Ukraine

Explainer | Why is it Important to Create a Temporary Investigative Commission?

Explainer | Why Has the Number of Strasbourg Cases Against Georgia Decreased Since 2012?

Explainer | “Liberal Fascism”

Quick Take | “Foreign Agents” Bill Down, but Ruling Party Rhetoric Not Out

Quick Take | Sovereignist Revival

Explainer | Georgia’s New Defense Code

Report | Atlantic Council: Russia’s Information Warfare Against Ukraine Spans Many Fronts

Insight | Ukraine War Scenarios and Georgia

Close, yet far: What does the NDI poll tell us about ethnic minorities?

Brief | Culture Ministry, Church at Odds over Expert Conclusion on Gelati Monastery Restoration

Brief | Georgia Backs Tiny Kox Re-election as PACE President

Saakashvili’s Lawyers Appeal for Suspended Sentence

The Folly of an Anti-Imperialist Empire

Explainer | What was Georgia’s Stance on PACE’s Russia Resolution?

Civil Society Weighs in on Public Defender Selection Process

Explainer | Ukraine’s Anti-Oligarch Law

Outrage at Lukashenka’s Visit to Abkhazia

Review | Confusion in Tbilisi as thousands of Russians Try to Enter Georgia

Explainer | Reports of Massive Surveillance, Infiltration of Opposition Parties

Brief | Ruling Party Contests Civic Space

Explainer | Watchdogs Alert Against Changes to the Broadcasting Law

Explainer | Whistleblower Alleges Security Services Collaboration with FSB

‘Violating Neutrality’ or ‘Attempts to Discredit’: ISFED Responds to Ruling Party Accusations

Calls Increase for Visa Requirements for Russians

Queer Festival: Tbilisi Pride Braves Disruptions

Leaders Mull Plans as Pro-EU Rally Peters Out

South Asian Students in Georgia Are Getting More Than They Bargained For

Georgia’s Cost-of-Living Crunch

Explainer: GD, UNM Make Rare Deal to Resolve Local Council Deadlocks

Explainer: Elections in Tskhinvali

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