Interior Ministry Ordered to Pay Damages and Monthly Allowance to June 20 Protesters

On December 27, the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) reported that the Tbilisi Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the injured demonstrators of the June 20-21, 2019 protests. According to the ruling, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for paying moral compensation and monthly sustenance allowance to the demonstrators injured during the violent dispersal of the rally.

One of the victims, Giorgi Sulashvili lost an eye as a result of the events of June 20-21, but the Tbilisi City Court refused to set a monthly allowance and ordered the Ministry of Interior Affairs to pay only moral damages of GEL 20, 000, which GYLA appealed to the Court of Appeal.

According to GYLA, the Tbilisi Court of Appeal by its decision of December 26, did not satisfy the appeals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and partially satisfied the appeals of Giorgi Sulashvili and another victim. In particular, the Ministry of Interior was ordered to pay Giorgi Sulashvili moral damages in the amount of GEL 50, 000 and monthly compensation in the amount of GEL 780.

As for the second victim, who prefers to be anonymous, the Ministry of Interior Affairs was ordered to pay GEL 30, 000 in moral damages and GEL 1,155 in monthly sustenance allowance from June 20 of 2019 until the end of his/her life. However, the Appeals Court changed this decision and ordered the Ministry of Interior Affairs to pay moral damages of GEL 50, 000 in his/her favor.

The court’s decision has not yet been enforced.

At least 240 people, including about 40 journalists and 80 police officers, were injured in the police dispersal of the anti-occupation rally outside the Parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi on June 20-21, 2019.. Tensions had flared in the capital after Sergei Gavrilov, Russian communist MP, addressed the Inter-parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy session held in the Georgian Parliament from the Speaker’s seat on June 19, 2019.

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