US State Department Re-iterates Concern about Direct Flights between Georgia and Russia

During a press briefing held on May 22 Matthew Miller, the US Department spokesperson, said: “We have been concerned about direct flights between Russia and Georgia resuming” adding that “now is not the time to increase engagement with Russia”.

The journalist asked about the US State Department’s reaction or possible sanctions in response to the latest developments in Georgia, noting that “Lavrov’s sanctioned daughter showed up in Georgia, Russian aircraft showed up in Tbilisi, and Georgian aircraft is poised to fly to Moscow”.

Miller responded: “So, I will say with respect to Russian aircraft in Georgia: many Western countries, including the United States, prohibit Russian aircraft from entering airspace.” He further expressed concern about the resumption of direct flights between Russia and Georgia, suggesting that this could potentially lead to sanctions against companies operating in Georgian airports. Miller emphasized: “We – the entire Western community have distanced itself from this regime, and now is not the time to increase engagement with Russia.”

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