US State Department Spokesperson Does not Exclude Sanctioning Companies at Georgian Airports Following Lifting of Flight Ban by Russia

Asked at a briefing on 11 May about Russia’s lifting of visas and flight bans for Georgia, and whether “this could lead to Georgia circumventing sanctions [against Russia]”, Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department said: “Many western countries including the U.S. prohibit Russian aircraft from entering their airspace. If direct flights between Russia and Georgia resume we, of course, would be concerned that companies at Georgian airports could be at risk for sanctions if they serve as aircraft – subject to import and export controls”.

He added that now when the entire western community has distanced itself from the Russian regime, it is not the time or any country to increase its engagement with Russia. He also noted that “the people of Georgia would likely prefer that President Putin withdraw Russian troops form the 20% of Georgian territory that Russia occupies rather than see direct flights restored or visa regime changed”.

US State Department has warned in March of the repercussions in case of the resumption of flights between Georgia and Russia against the background of international sanctions regime against Russia. The similar message was voiced yesterday by the U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan.

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