Georgian President Speaks at “Democracy Summit”

The President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, spoke at the “Democracy Summit” held at the initiative of US President Joe Biden, reaffirming Georgia’s commitment to democracy and its willingness to cooperate with international partners to build a more democratic world.

Zurabishvilii highlighted the unprecedented challenge presented by Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, which she described as “a war against democracy, freedom, and human dignity.” She stressed the importance of strong democracies, supported by united civil societies and international solidarity, to defend against such challenges.

“Georgia, despite its tense geopolitical environment and internal tensions, has succeeded in advancing two core priorities: national Human Rights Strategy has been finalized and the national Action Plan to eliminate violence against women and measures to strengthen women’s economic empowerment have been adopted. Nonetheless, another of our set priorities – to further judicial reform through an inclusive process – has yet to gather momentum” president said.

Zurabishvili also praised the Georgian people’s commitment to democracy and their success in demonstrating against attempts to restrict civil society rights, leading to the recanting of the “Law on foreign agents” and a victory for democracy. She called for national reconciliation and pledged Georgia’s commitment to building a stronger democracy and working with global partners towards a more democratic, peaceful, and resilient world.

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