GD Split-off MPs: EU Candidacy “Mousetrap” for Govt 

In a joint statement released today, MPs Dimitri Khundadze, Mikheil Kavelashvili and Sozar Subari, who formally departed the Georgian Dream yesterday, said that “Georgia will not receive the [EU] candidacy even after six months if we are not engaged in the war or impose the sanctions on Russia.”

Chairperson of the ruling Georgian Dream parliamentary faction Mamuka Mdinaradze announced yesterday that three GD lawmakers would quit both the party and the faction as they disagreed on the Georgian Dream’s reserved stance and the degree of information leaks from behind the scenes.  

In the joint statement released on the Parliament’s official website, the three MPs vowed to gradually inform society about “the developments turning out in the backstage of Georgian politics, claiming it is the fate of the nation, not just that of the government at stake.

Without giving the names, they also claimed there are the forces willing to trigger a revolution in Georgia, “change the government elected by the people or replace them with the persons directly responsible for numerous crimes committed in 2004-2012,” alluding to the former United National Movement administration.

Khundadze, Subari, and Kavelashvili also stressed that the EU candidacy served as a kind of “mousetrap” for the Georgian Government. “The only reason they needed the candidacy is to aggravate the political background for the Georgian government and artificially trigger the spark for the revolution.”

The former GD lawmakers noted that President Zurabishvili was the first trapped, and then “the National Movement and its satellites came forward on a stage starting a campaign on the application.”

The EU decision on not granting the candidacy to Georgia and further developments fully coincided with the ruling party’s forecasts, the MPs went on, adding that the opponents “stepped up and demanded the government’s resignation.”

The three MPs said that out of two alternative revolutionary scenarios, the short-term scenario failed, while the long-term scenario aimed at “changing the government through the imposition of the so-called reforms and appropriating the Georgian court.”

The lawmakers continued: “One of the MEPs, Michael Gahler was even made to say that the [Geogian] parties should prepare for a new political agreement… The same Gahler was also made to say that if Ivanishvili is a patriot, he should leave the country.” “This clearly shows their spirit and main goal: patriots… should leave the country and non-patriots, homeland-less and godless people should reign the country.”

“They want homeland-less and godless people because they will perform any tasks. Most importantly, they will start a war blindfolded, which is the main goal of this whole scenario. That’s why Zelensky and Arakhamia were the characters in the revolutionary rally,” the statement doubled down on outlandish accusations.

Claiming that these forces need Georgia for the war and consider Georgian people to be the cannon fodder, the three MPs noted that they “strive to prevent the scenario leading Georgia to the disorder, war and Russian military occupation.”

“The main goal we chase is to prevent the enforcement of the plan aiming at the creation of artificial impediments on our EU integration path,” they added.

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