U.S. not Dragging Georgia into War, Says Ambassador

U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan has rebuffed as “hundred percent Russian disinformation” the accusations that the United States is trying to drag Georgia into Russo-Ukrainian War.

Several pundits closely aligned with the ruling Georgian Dream party have recently intensified the outright allegations as the Georgian Government faces increasing criticism from the West over its democratic credentials. The pundit narrative has been extensively cited by pro-government Imedi TV.

“When I hear people say that the United States is working against Georgia or trying to drag Georgia into the war or open a ‘second front,’ that is a hundred percent Russian disinformation,” asserted Ambassador Degnan in her remarks with media today, delivered at Batumi State University.

“We absolutely do not want to see Georgia dragged into this war.”

She said “the United States has done everything we can to stop this war, to stop the fighting. Even before hostilities broke open, the United States was the country that was working hardest to prevent this war from happening.”

“In our view, what the European Union – what NATO stands for is peace, stability, prosperity. You can see it in every country you’re in: the stability and prosperity and the peace that come with being part of the Euro-Atlantic community,” noted the Ambassador.

“And we want that for Georgia too. We know that’s what the Georgian people want as well,” she added.

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