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Georgia’s Foreign Trade Up 25.1% in January-November 2021

Georgia’s foreign trade turnover in January-November 2021 increased by 25.1% compared to the same period last year, reaching USD 12.82 billion, according to preliminary results published by the National Statistics Office (Geostat) on December 20.

Exports increased by 26.7% year-over-year, reaching USD 3.82 billion, while imports grew by 24.5%, to USD 9 billion. Meanwhile, the trade deficit stood at USD 5.18 billion, constituting 40.4% of the trade turnover in January-November 2021.

External Merchandise Trade of Georgia in January-November 2016-2021. Source: Geostat.

Turkey headed the list of Georgia’s largest trading partners by turnover, with USD 1.9 billion, followed by Russia with USD 1.48 billion, China with USD 1.36 billion, Azerbaijan with USD 997.3 million, and the United States with USD 708.2 million.

China was Georgia’s largest trading partner by exports with USD 569.1 million, followed by Russia with USD 549.1 million, Azerbaijan with USD 488.3 million, Turkey with USD 291.6 million, and Ukraine with USD 278 million.

Turkey, Russia, China, the U.S., and Azerbaijan were the top trading partners of Georgia in terms of imports, with USD 1.6 billion, USD 926.2 million, USD 790.4 million, USD 553.3 million, and USD 509 million, respectively.

Georgia’s Top Trading Partners by Turnover January-November 2021. Source: Geostat

Copper ores and concentrates were on top of the list of export commodities in January-November with USD 750.1 million. It was followed by Cars – USD 417.6 million; ferroalloys – USD 414.8 million; wine or fresh grapes – USD 216.4 million; spirits – 140.9; mineral waters – USD 130.9 million; hazelnuts and other nuts – USD 106.4 million; nitrogen fertilizers – USD 97.7 million; medicines – USD 87.7 million; gold – USD 58.2 million; other commodities – 1.4 billion.

Share of Georgia’s Main Exports in January-November 2021. Source: Geostat

Meanwhile, cars were first on the list of import commodities with USD 796.2 million; followed by petroleum oils – USD 737.9 million; copper ores and concentrates – USD 668.3 million; medicines – USD 334.3 million; petroleum gases – USD 281.3 million; telephone sets – USD 194.1 million; automatic data processing machines – USD 136.8 million; vaccines, blood, and immune products – USD 112.8 million; vehicles for the transport of goods – USD 97.5 million; wheat and meslin – USD 88.8 million; other commodities – USD 5.6 billion.

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