Rustavi 2 Temporarily Suspends Giorgi Gabunia

The self-regulatory body of Rustavi 2 TV has suspended Giorgi Gabunia, host of a prime-time news show “Postscriptum”, from office for a term of two months.

In a statement released on July 8, Rustavi 2 TV noted that restrictions have been imposed on the programs prepared and hosted by Gabunia, including “Archevani” and “Postscriptum”.

Commenting on the decision, Nika Gvaramia, the TV Channel’s director general, noted that Gabunia’s behavior was “inappropriate, tasteless and a professional mistake.”

“Gabunia’s insolence was absolutely incompatible with the developments in the country and the context related to Rustavi 2 TV. He created another area of undesirable tensions amid already tense situation and what is most important, he promoted groundless speculations on inspiring tensions by the TV channel,” Gvaramia wrote on Facebook.

  •  On July 7, Giorgi Gabunia, host of Rustavi 2 TV, insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin using swear words.
  •  The fact triggered anxiety among the Georgian public. They gathered outside the TV channel, demanding Gabunia’s apology. Some of them demanded Gabunia and Gvaramia to quit their positions.
  •  Georgian officials promptly responded to the controversial Rustavi 2 broadcast, posting nearly identical messages on social media. They condemned Gabunia’s remarks as “a provocation” against the state.
  • Nika Gvaramia also responded to Gabunia’s remarks, saying that the TV channel did not share Gabunia’s forms of expression.

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