Persons with Disabilities Appeal to Lawmakers not to Pass so-called Foreign Agents Law

More than 100 persons with disabilities and disability rights organizations from different regions of Georgia addressed the Georgian Parliament on April 8, urging it “not to pass the anti-state, anti-European and pro-Russian law.

The statement says that the undersigned persons with disabilities and their representatives “strongly oppose the bill on the Transparency of the Foreign Influence initiated in the Parliament of Georgia.” The statement stresses that if passed into law, it will jeopardize not only the CSOs, media and civil society, but the whole population of Georgia, including persons with disabilities. The appeal reads that although Georgia ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities/UNCPRD, ” civic and political participation of persons with disabilities and their representatives is not ensured by the state.”

The statement emphasizes that the disability community is “strongly connected to the civil society”, which is supported by the international donors and it’s the CSOs that mostly have contributed to the employment of persons with disabilities and have advocated for the support services these persons need.

It is thanks to the international support, that Georgia has ratified the UNCRPD, established the consultative mechanisms for persons with disabilities to contribute to the state decision-making with different public entities, has introduced inclusive education into public school system and created educational programs for persons with disabilities free of charge, the statement notes.

“If the bill on the Transparency of the Foreign Influence is passed into a law, we will be deprived of the vital support services, will be prevented from full and successful integration and political participation in the society, our autonomy and independent living will be stolen and human rights situation worsened”, the statement reads. Calling on the legislators to withhold their support from this “harmful bill” the undersigned also stress that the law will endanger Georgia’s European aspirations.

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