Medical Team Under the PD Assesses Saakashvili’s Health

On January 25, the group of doctors of the Ombudsman of Georgia conducted their routine health check of the former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili at the Vivamedi clinic. One of the doctors in the medical group commented to the media on the current state of health of Saakashvili, saying that his health has improved somatically, but that his neurological condition remains the same.

Commenting on the ex-president’s health, neurologist Tengiz Tsuladze told Mtavari TV: “”The condition has improved somatically, the neurological remains the same. This means that he has gained some weight, he already weighs 77 kilos. It is important that his vital functions are not endangered, in which of course the staff of the “Vivamedi” clinic played a big role in stabilizing him in this way. But as far as his neurological status is concerned, it remains more or less the same. It seems that the injury, which was quite severe to begin with, and his psychological state are not improving very quickly. He still has anxiety, phobias, depressed mood, and this condition continues. We keep thinking that the patient is unstable – he is being treated, but he seems to be resistant to this treatment.”

Asked about the possibility of transferring the patient from the clinic to the prison, the neurologist said that the mandate of the council members did not cover such decisions. According to Tsuladze, Saakashvili’s previous diagnoses are still valid, and the decision to release him lies with the attending physician or the medical group supervising the patient. Tsuladze expressed concern about Saakashvili’s psychological stability and recommended against the transfer.

The group of doctors to monitor the medical services rendered to the former President was set up by the former Public Defender, Nino Lomjaria, within the scope of her mandate. According to the information of the Office of the Public Defender, the group of doctors continues to visit the patient at intervals of two to four months, and more often in the case of emergency. Notably, the group was not and is not involved in the process of the patient’s treatment.

Note: The full assessment of the medical team is expected to be released in the coming days. This news will be updated accordingly.

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