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Russian Duma International Affairs Committee Praises Georgian Authorities

The Russian legislature praised the Georgian authorities for “focusing on national interests” and “not succumbing to “anti-Russian hysteria” in a statement published on November 28 by the International Affairs Committee of the Russian State Duma website in a section called “Direct Speech.” “Applause. Whatever the difficulties in relations between Moscow and Tbilisi, the current Georgian authorities have found the courage not to succumb to anti-Russian hysteria and to be guided primarily by a position focused on national interests and the well-being of their own citizens,”

The State Duma said that “with these priorities, Georgia’s economy is growing rapidly, showing double-digit growth for two years in a row,” adding that “by the way, Russian tourists bring good income to the country.”

“Meanwhile, the European Union continues to fashion the 12th package of anti-Russian sanctions in a manic desire to tear our country’s economy to shreds by banning the export of nails, nuts, buttons, sewing needles and knitting needles,” the State Duma continued, further claiming that “thanks to such “far-sighted” European officials, Europe is increasingly turning into Ward No. 6 [ed. – a reference to the story by the classic Russian writer Anton Chekhov “Ward No. 6″] with clinical signs of degradation. Moreover, in all spheres – economic, social, cultural and moral.”

The statement further reads: “And it seems to be quite contagious. Metastases of political dementia have reached Kyiv, where, having completely lost their sense of reality, they are seriously discussing the issue of changing the names of cities in Crimea – on territory foreign to Ukraine. Is this madness or dementia? Signs of both are clearly evident.”

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