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CSOs Propose 10-Step Plan on EU Membership

31 civil society organizations have proposed to the Government of Georgia a 10-step plan on the path to EU membership and expressed their readiness to actively contribute to the process.

First, the CSOs stated the need to develop a national strategy for Georgia’s accession to the EU and create an effective monitoring mechanism ensuring the involvement of civil society.

Second, they said the democratic reforms, envisaged by the EU-broked April 19, 2021 accord between the Georgian Dream and opposition parties, shall be implemented. 

Third, CSOs spoke of strengthening diplomatic efforts to ensure the timely adoption of the new Georgia-EU Association Agenda with Member States and begin its effective implementation.

Fourth, CSOs stressed the need to make the necessary diplomatic efforts to expedite the adoption of the European Commission Candidate Status Assessment Questionnaire.

Fifth, the signatory civil society outfits proposed to mobilize the relevant human, financial, and technical resources (including the creation of a relevant agency and/or inter-agency working group) to facilitate the timely submission of the Questionnaire.

Sixth, the plan stressed the need to amend the Statute of the EU Integration Commission of Georgia to increase the intensity and efficiency of its work.

Seventh, to make the process transparent and inclusive, including by establish a National Council for Accession to the EU, which is composed of experts and has the status of an advisory body.

Eighth, CSOs said the government shall consider appointing opposition members as the chairpersons of several committees in the Parliament, including those of European Integration and Foreign Relations, as per the April 19 deal. 

Ninth, the organizations said effective steps shall be taken to strengthen the format of EU Associated Trio of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine; to normalize relations with Ukraine; and to establish a joint summit between the Trio and the EU.

Lastly, the CSOs argued the government should ensure the management of expectations related to accession process and maintain relevant internal and external communication.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has signed an application to join the European Union on March 3, following the suit of Ukraine, that is fighting Russia’s full-scale aggression since February 24.

The Council of the European Union — member states — has promptly greenlighted the European Commission to present an opinion on each of the membership applications sent by Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

  • Read the full proposal and list of signatories here.

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