CEC: Voter Turnout 39.5% at 17:00

825,129 citizens, 39.5% of the total number of voters, have cast a ballot in the municipal elections by 17:00, nine hours after the polling stations were opened, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

The highest voter turnout was recorded in western Chokhatauri (55.7%) and Oni (54.7%) municipalities. The lowest voter turnout in the regions was registered in Dusheti (15.9%) and Kaspi (35.1%) municipalities.

In Tbilisi, the key battle of the second round, the highest voter turnout was registered in the Didube district (43.5%), while the lowest turnout was recorded in Isani (34.3%).

In the first round of 2021 Municipal Elections, the 17:00 nationwide voter turnout rate stood at 41.35%, while the final turnout amounted to 51.92%

In the 2017 runoff local elections, 17:00 nationwide voter turnout stood at 26.97%.

Polling stations will close at 20:00, immediately followed by vote tabulation

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