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Georgian Orthodox Church on COVID-19 Vaccination

The Holy Synod, the governing body of the Georgian Orthodox Church said after the February 11 meeting that it welcomes the vaccination not being “mandatory,” claiming public health specialists of various countries still have “differing opinions” on the process.

The Synod also said it will not take responsibility in vaccination “propaganda,” as this falls under the competence of medical workers, and asserted that no one should be persecuted or insulted for either taking the vaccine or not.

The influential Church position comes amid some clergymen’s anti-vaxxing conspiracies as the Government expects COVID-19 vaccination to roll out in February-March.

The Synod also cast doubts on the origins of the immunization shots planned to be imported into the country, claiming that health officials shall explain the risks associated with vaccination, including its side effects and potential complications.

The governing body of the Georgian Orthodox Church last met on March 20, 2020, when it made a controversial decision to carry on with Easter Liturgy despite the COVID-19 outbreak and related restrictions at the onset of the virus.

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