Medvedev Expresses Support to Foreign Agents’ Bill Re-introduced by GD

On April 17 Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Russian Dmitry Medvedev, known for his highly belligerent public statements and rants on Twitter, addressed the ongoing developments in Georgia related to the ruling Georgian Dream’s initiative to adopt “Foreign Agents” law. In a lengthy tweet Medvedev welcomes the attempt to adopt the bill, writes that the ongoing protests are managed by the “experienced and familiar Hollywood hand” and claims that the Russian and analogous law adopted in Kyrgyzstan, as well as draft Georgian law “quite rightly – requires them [foreign agents] to be transparent and prevents hidden illegal foreign interference in the internal affairs of the state, its economy and political life.”

Medvedev claims that “the main thing that the “protesters” don’t like about the law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence” is that “it is a “Russian idea” and not a Western initiative.”

He then recalls the “fierce criticism from Western countries” which followed the recent adoption of a similar law in Kyrgyzstan, picturing that criticism in a demeaning form: “There were groans, shouts and threats from European and American pro-government dumpsters. And also ingratiating but unpleasant appeals to the leadership of this country. How dare they? Who allowed it? An internal affair of the state? Security, sovereignty, independence? No, have not heard of that. This is not for you…”

He then praises the “direct rebuff” of those “who are not obeying” the Western opinion. He recalls that in 2023 the U.S. Department of State expressed satisfaction when the GD had to drop the bill “currently under discussion” adding that U.S. assessed the bill as “incompatible with Euro-Atlantic values”. “Well, yes, that’s true. Values are different. The Black Sea is not the Atlantic, Gruziya [Russian word for “Georgia”) is not Georgia, despite the similarity of names,”- notes Medvedev.

Medvedev adds that “foreign agent laws are in force in a number of countries” citing Israel, Hungary and Australia and adds: “But in these cases, Washington and Brussels are also quite happy with everything. No complaints and no condemnation.”

He then laments: “In other cases – paid for Maidans, brawls, pressure, blackmail. And picture hysterics of the senior German sausage-maker, the chief gynecologist of the European Commission and other similar second-rate figures from the American servants.”

Medvedev notes that “Atlantic values, imposed through Maidan and blood, are extremely questionable gifts” noting that “they are less and less liked even by those countries that until now were quite submissive to the Anglo-Saxons. Obviously, their patience and accommodation have reached the inevitable limit, as we know. More will come.”

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