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Update: Russia Reportedly Captures Two Georgians Fighting in Ukraine

On November 14, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video on its Telegram channel, allegedly featuring a Georgian fighter named Giorgi Goglidze, reportedly captured by Russian forces in Ukraine. The Russian MOD claims the captured fighter is affiliated with the 2nd international legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In the video, Goglidze is seen apparently reading from a prepared script in broken Russian, confirming his Georgian citizenship and saying to have been “promised USD 300 for each Russian serviceman killed.” Goglidze has a visible trace of wound on his face.

“According to the prisoner of war, he was recruited by the Kiev regime in Germany. During his training, instructors from the USA, France, Germany and Poland worked with him,” the Russian MOD claims.

Russian forces have also reportedly captured another Georgian fighter identified as Giorgi Chubitidze.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia confirmed to on November 15 that it had been informed “through open sources” that the two Georgian citizens fighting in Ukraine had been captured by the armed forces of the Russian Federation “during military activities”.

“The Georgian side will use all international mechanisms at its disposal, including the international organization Red Cross and the Swiss Confederation as a mediator between Georgia and the Russian Federation, in order to protect the rights of Georgian citizens guaranteed by the Constitution,” the MFA added.

The name of one of the captured soldiers, Giorgi Chubitidze, surfaced in media previously, namely in a report aired by Mtavari TV in June 2020. According to the report, Chubitidze was allegedly one of the officers involved in the 2007 Kodori operation where two Russian officers were allegedly shot and killed. This operation took place near a road under construction in the then Tbilisi-controlled and now Russia-occupied Upper Kodori Gorge in Abkhazia.

As per the report, Chubitidze and other participants from the Georgian side were reportedly on Russia’s wanted list ever since the operation. The claim suggested that the Georgian Dream government might have acquiesced to Russia’s request for information on the operation participants.

Since 2014, Chubitidze has reportedly been in Ukraine, sought after by both Russian and separatist forces.

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