EU is Stepping up Nonlethal Military Aid for Georgia

According the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Georgia will receive some 30 mln Euros worth of non-lethal military aid through the European Peace Facility.

While EU has been busy providing weapons to Ukraine to the tune of 3 billion Euros, a sum that will increase by a further 2 billion in the coming months, the Union is also intending to provide military, non lethal, aid to Russia’s two more vulnerable neighbors – Georgia and Moldova.

The RFL/RL, referring to the diplomats speaking off the record, states that the proposed assistance measures for Tbilisi and Chisinau come amid worries of Russia’s destabilizing efforts against both countries. Brussels insist that the EU’s move is natural given the declared intent of the countries to become the EU members, and the candidate and potential candidate status of Moldova and Georgia, respectively. It is also reflective of the EU’s attempt to become a more serious security player on the European continent.

Last week, 27 EU member states started discussing the concept note produced by the EU External Action Service, on how the bloc can assist the two countries. The deliberations are expected to last for several weeks. The project envisaged in both papers will be implemented within the next three years.  According to the RFE/RL the concept notes said the purpose of the aid is „to enhance Georgia and Moldova’s “operational effectiveness, accelerate compliance with EU standards and interoperability, and thereby better protect civilians in crises and emergencies.”

The money should come from the European Peace Facility (EPF), the same off-EU budget vehicle that Brussels now is using to supply arms to Ukraine. EPF’s advantage is that it does not require unanimity, as member states are allowed to “constructively abstain” — meaning that they can wave a proposal through but not actively vote for it.

According the RFL, the Georgian plan, worth 30 million euros, envisages transfer of modern trailers and trucks and an increased emphasis on heavy equipment transporters and cranes. The EU will also provide vehicles that will support the mobility of the Georgian defense forces’ field artillery communication systems.

Other investments include a medical treatment facility (MTF) with updated equipment, which will complement the already existing couple of MTFs that the EU so far has funded, as well as equipment for Georgia’s new Cyber Security Bureau.

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