President Congratulates Citizens on Majority’s Decision to Withdraw “Foreign Agent” Bill

In her video address, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, who is visiting the United States, has welcomed the government’s “right decision” to withdraw the draft law on foreign agents from the Parliament and congratulated Georgian citizens on the “first victory.”

“This decision was made taking into account the real power of the people, which was demonstrated on the streets of Tbilisi. With this unity, if we are a democratic nation, it is impossible for the government and the parliament in a democratic country not to take into account the will and the voice of the people,” President Zurabishvili said.

She also noted that “this will of the people has been demonstrated perfectly. It was shown not only in Georgia, but also abroad. All our partners saw this extraordinary attitude and the real will of the people for Georgia’s European path.”

President Zurabishvili stressed that this was also the first sign of depolarization as “everyone was united around this one goal, and this unity in our society was clearly demonstrated”. “This unity was not just for one day. I am sure that this unity will be manifested at every stage of our path to Europe and as I have already told you, I am with you on this path,” she added.  

“Once again, I am proud of you. You have shown us depolarization. With this, the first part of the recommendations has been fulfilled,” the President said, warning the government against daring “to try to bring more polarization to this pacified society that knows where it is going, in which direction it is going, and how it should go.”

President Zurabishvili reiterated that she would veto “any law that is not in line with our European path.”

“This veto is no longer an empty veto, because you are behind it. I definitely have confidence in you, and I hope you have confidence in me,” she said.

“Today, we need to strengthen our positions and in strengthening these positions, the steps you have taken are very important,” President Zurabishvili said. “We need to make our partners understand that now their strategic decision should be in favor of Georgia, because Georgia has shown where it stands, what it wants and no one can doubt it.”

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