U.S., EU and UK Ambassadors React to Draft Law “On Transparency of Foreign Influence”

On March 1, the U.S., EU, and UK Ambassadors to Georgia once again raised their serious concerns regarding Russia-inspired law on “foreign agents” endorsed by the ruling majority.

U.S. Ambassador

“It’s clear that Georgia does not need this law. It is also clear that anyone voting for any of its versions will be directly responsible for jeopardizing Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future,” Kelly Degnan, U.S. Ambassador to Georgia, responded to journalists at the opening of the Museum of Repressed Writers.

So, my question is, why proceed? What is the real aim of this law? What is the real purpose behind pursuing legislation that Georgia doesn’t need, and that will be responsible for jeopardizing Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future that the majority of Georgians have made very clear is their choice and their priority?” she stated.

EU Ambassador

The ambassadors of the EU member states, led by EU Ambassador Pawel Herczynski, met with Georgian Parliament Chairman Shalva Papuashvili and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Nikoloz Samkharadze.

“It was not an easy discussion. From our side, we stated very clearly that this initiative does not correspond to the norms and values of the European Union, and we said once again that this initiative contradicts at least two points out of 12, which were handed over to Georgia in June of the previous year. We heard arguments from the Chairman about the need to adopt this law.

The conversation will continue. As I understand, this is not even a draft law, it is only an initiative, and, of course, from our side, we will observe very closely how this initiative will develop and we hope that this initiative will not become a law”, Pawel Herczynski said after the meeting.

UK Ambassador

British Ambassador Mark Clayton also took to Twitter to express his country’s concern over the proposed draft law. He urged the Georgian government to take feedback from civil society organizations, media, and Georgia’s international partners into account as it considers the next steps.

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