US and German Ambassadors React to the Ongoing Parliamentary Discussions on Draft Foreign Agents’ Law

Speaking to journalists today US Ambassador Kelly Degnan addressed the discussions on the Foreign Agents’ law currently taking place in the Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee.

She said: “We have not given up on the efforts to persuade and urge the government not to proceed with this legislation.” She recalled that the US, UN, EU, COE among other friends of Georgia, have all expressed deep concerns about this legislation, that “will likely stigmatize civil society, that will likely silence independent media and dissenting voices, just like similar legislation has done in Russia, and other countries like Russia.”

The Ambassador said there is no necessity for the legislation as there is ample transparency regarding how foreign assistance is used in Georgia.

According to Amb. Degnan: “this legislation truly will have the devastating impact of stopping Georgian organizations and groups who are doing good work to help other Georgians in need throughout this country.” She further added: “It is not needed and we urge the Parliament to please reconsider, withdraw this legislation, it is not necessary and it is not in Georgia’s best interest.”

Her German colleague, Ambassador Peter Fischer twitted that EU’s position on the draft laws remains the same, quoting the EEAS statement made earlier, that “draft law’s adoption would be inconsistent with… Georgia’s EU… aspirations and with EU norms and values.”

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