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Georgian Dream, Opposition Continue Consultations on 8 Public Defender Candidates

Mamuka Mdinaradze, Chairperson of the Georgian Dream Parliamentary faction and the party’s executive secretary, announced during a briefing on 28 November that the ruling party and the opposition are continuing consultations on 8 Public Defender candidates.

Per MP Mdinaradze, these candidates are:

As MP Mdinaradze noted, there were a total of 19 candidates who had submitted their applications for consideration, of which three withdrew their candidacies, and one – Nazi Janezashvili, who was nominated by civil society and is the Director of the CSO Georgia Court Watch – refused to participate in the process.

The MP noted that these 8 candidates are the ones who have enough support from the Georgian Dream or opposition parties to warrant further consideration.

“Continuing consultations on these candidates does not mean that their majority is acceptable to the Parliamentary majority, but with the mentioned method of exclusion, we came to the logical conclusion that there is no point in continuing consultations on other candidates,” MP Mdinaradze underlined.

Timeline of the Leadup to Selecting the Public Defender:

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