Message to Georgians by France’s Macron, Presidents of Commission, European Council

On June 23, European Council President Charles Michel, Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, and French President Emmanuel Macron (whose country chairs the Council) have each delivered a message to the people of Georgia, that received EU perspective, but no candidacy until a set of conditions are met. The remarks came after a Georgian journalist’s relevant query during the three presidents’ address following the European Council’s decision on the membership applications of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. 

Charles Michel, President of the European Council: “…It is extremely important, for the country, for the people of the country to implement the fundamental reforms, fight against corruption, the independence of justice. We are very close [in working] with all the Georgian institutions for them to make progress. Based on the report of the commission, I am confident that if there is a political will, in the political landscape within Georgia, it could be possible for them to make huge progress. I know, that they know exactly what’s needed to take steps in the right direction. Today, we send a message, on a geopolitical level but not only, that we know there is a choice made by the Georgian people, and the Georgian authorities – this is the choice for the free world, the choice of the fundamental values and democratic principles. We want to work closely with them in order to support the efforts to work in the right direction.”

Ursula von der Leyen, Commission President: “My message to the Georgian people is the enormous desire you have and the longing to the European Union is the strongest push on the path forward to the European Union. Georgia has now gotten the perspective – this is a big step, a very substantial perspective towards the accession to become a member of the European Union. This is for the first time that they reached that stage. You have a strong economy, there has been a lot of political progress. Now what is needed is to deliver on a few reforms that are important and to show political unity to engage the civil society and move forward on these reforms. And then the next steps are within reach.”

French President Emmanuel Macron: “I fully agree with what Madam President [Ursula von der Leyen] said. I think this is a historic day, let’s recognize that for Georgia; the prospect for membership. The Commission has perfectly set the conditions for Georgia to become a candidate country that was mentioned by the President. We have seen the clear message and will of your President [Salome Zurabishvili], and the will of the people who came out in the streets, who called for more Europe. And that groundswell of support for Europe I think will be the basis for political unity and the necessary reforms to be carried out.” (’s translation from french-editor). 

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