Zurabishvili Calls for Unity as Georgia Receives EU Questionnaire

President Salome Zurabishvili called for unity today, after Georgia received its EU membership questionnaire.

“These past 30, 31 years served for us to get here, and we do not have the right not to approach this day not only with full seriousness, but also with complete unanimity,” she said in a briefing.

“Those who are not united around this, are not united around Georgia. They do not believe in the future of Georgia.”

President Zurabishvili stressed “this not just a questionnaire, with yes or no answer, this is an enormous responsibility for our country.”

“We are all responsible to our next generation,” she added. “We will either be able to rise to this challenge, or we will not, and it is entirely dependent on us.”

The Georgian President stressed that filing out the questionnaire is not an issue that can be resolved “with the decisions and efforts by any one group.”

“Here our future really is at stake, and we shall decide how we want it to be in this short period of time given for us to respond to the questionnaire,” President Zurabishvili noted.

She also said that Georgia should be thankful to among others Ukraine. “If it were not for the devoted fight by Ukraine [against Russia], this day may not have come, or may not have come so quickly.”

“Due to the tragic situation, the European Union decided to speed up this process and make it more political then bureaucratic,” the Georgian President pointed out.

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