Georgia’s ‘Main Partner Coward,’ Deputy Chief Prosecutor Says

Deputy Prosecutor General Giorgi Badashvili early on February 26 called Georgia’s “main partner” a coward, possibly alluding to the U.S., which is widely regarded as the country’s key strategic partner.

In his comment on Facebook, Badashvili was coming to the aid of Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, who faced a public outcry after announcing Georgia would not impose sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine.

“When your main partner is a coward and you are hopeless, you should get a hold of yourself and not let anything extra slip,” he argued.

The Deputy Prosecutor General suggested Georgia, “as a country of 3.5 million,” cannot afford to hit Russia with sanctions. “What should the country do, not sell wine or tangerines or refuse remittances? Why do we have such an ambition?”

The Georgian official then went on to claim that Russia would invade Georgia and capture Tbilisi in “two days,” if Garibashvili announced sanctions and slammed Russia “as a conqueror, imperialist and an apostle of Satan.”

In this case, he insinuated that Georgia would witness “our strategic partners [only] concerned, our citizens insulted and troops slaughtered.”

Referring to the Russo-Georgian war of 2008, Badashvili claimed that “our troops were at war for 5-6 days while Ukraine, a country of 45 million [people], practically for three days.”

“Irakli Garibashvili said the truth, but very directly and [without] hiding it from anyone,” Badashvili said, adding the PM “cares for the country so that those who are protesting [his statements] now do not have to run from the country, just like 90% of Ukraine’s populace fled through Lviv to Poland.”

“The government is acting correctly and let them, before you get hit by a Russian boot in the nose and the mouth,” he warned.

Badashvili made the remarks in the comments section of a post by Nino Giorgobiani, the Head of Strategic Communications Department at the Government Administration.

In the post, Giorgobiani on her part backed the Prime Minister’s remarks and attempted to provide more clarity on Garibashvili’s stance.

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