Dolidze Cautious Over Runoff Endorsements

Anna Dolidze, who landed fourth in the race for Tbilisi Mayor with 4.59% of votes, has announced about holding “broad consultations,” both with party members and supporters before making the second round endorsements.

Tbilisi mayoral race, a key battle in 2021 local elections, is heading into runoff between Georgian Dream candidate, incumbent Kakha Kaladze, who garnered 45.06% (216,363 votes) and Nika Melia of the opposition United National Movement, who received 33.95% (163,003). 

“We will approach each member of the party, our voters and supporters, conduct research both via social networks and personal [communication], to understand their vision on what stance the party should take on second rounds,” Dolidze said at a special briefing today

Asked whether there are chances of the party endorsing the Georgian Dream candidates, Dolidze said “by itself, our voters are opposition voters… who do not look on existing reality with favor, otherwise they would have voted for the Georgian Dream.” Our voters are one of the “most critical” balloters, she added. 

Dolidze, former non-judge member of the High Council of Justice, and ex-Deputy Defense Minister, is an outspoken critic of both, the current Georgian Dream government and the UNM administration of 2004-2012. Her For People party, inaugurated in May 2021, came 6th in Tbilisi proportional vote with 2.57%, barely passing threshold to enter Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo). 

Former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, who came third in the mayoral race for the capital city with 9.35% (44,914 votes), said yesterday he will not be endorsing either Kaladze or Melia. 

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