Anna Dolidze – For People: Tbilisi Sakrebulo Proportional List

The Central Election Commission released the proportional party lists for Tbilisi City Assembly (Sakrebulo) ahead to October 2 local elections. Overall 31 parties have presented candidate lists.

Below is the list of the first 10 Candidates registered by Anna Dolidze – For People, among them 5 women, 5 – men.

  1. Aleksandre Ratishvili
  2. Nino Tsuladze
  3. Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze
  4. Tamar Tchitchinadze
  5. Irakli Tedoradze
  6. Koba kobakhidze
  7. Nino Kokosadze
  8. Maia Kekua
  9. Mishiko Iremadze
  10. Nino Kobakhidze

Recently amended Election Code, as per EU-brokered April 19 deal, has significantly increased the share of proportionally elected candidates in Sakrebulos, for 40 elected proportionally and 10 as majoritarians in Tbilisi Sakrebulo from 25/25 ratio. The amendments also lowered the party threshold in the proportional vote to 2,5% in Tbilisi and 3% in remaining municipalities across Georgia.

For People Party leader Anna Dolidze will run for Tbilisi Mayor. Previously Dolidze ran as an independent for Tbilisi’s Didube-Chughureti majoritarian district in 2020 parliamentary elections, coming third with 17.95%.

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