EU Urges Ruling Party, Opposition to ‘Find Common Ground’

The European Union (EU) stated today that United National Movement Chairman Nika Melia’s detention “further deepened” polarization between the ruling party and the opposition, which “risks undermining Georgia’s democracy.”

In the February 25 statement, Peter Stano, Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said the European Union urges all parties to work toward de-escalation and to attempt to find common ground together.

“Starting with those in power, we expect the Government to provide inclusive leadership, putting the interests of the Georgian people first,” the statement reads, adding that “a fair, independent and accountable judiciary is also paramount.” The EU “will remain very attentive to developments in this regard,” the Lead Spokesperson underscored.

The EU also urged the Georgian opposition to play “a constructive role, including by joining the Parliament, to further consolidate democracy and the rule of law in Georgia, and to help shape the country’s reform path.”

Moreover, the EU statement stressed that “political stability, with all sides avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric, an inclusive parliamentary process, as well as a judicial system that enjoys the trust of the Georgian citizens” are required for deepening EU-Georgia partnership “in line with the Association Agreement.”

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