U.S. Lawmaker Says Russia behind Anti-Turkish Election Meddling in Georgia

Adam Kinzinger, U.S. House Georgia Caucus co-chair released a statement late on September 3, noting that he is “increasingly concerned by the blatant misinformation by some that claim Adjara is under threat from Turkey.”

Rep. Kinzinger (R-IL) said “this claim is an attempt by Russia to deflect blame for illegally occupying” Georgian territories and “effectively play a role in the important upcoming elections.”

He reckoned that “the claim is nonsense,” as “Turkey is an important strategic partner to Georgia and the United States.”

U.S. lawmaker then called “on all parties to be transparent about any foreign financial supporters and to refrain from inflammatory and dangerous rhetoric.”

“The world is watching Georgia take these important steps to democracy, and it’s my hope that their election will be free, fair and a decision by the Georgian people alone,” the Congressman concluded.

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