Georgia in the U.S. Military Budget for 2020

In its new Defense Authorization Act, the U.S. Congress states that “Russia’s violations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and Ukraine, and Russia’s ongoing destabilizing and aggressive behavior, has undermined peace, security, and stability in Europe and beyond.”

The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, sponsored by Senator James M. Inhofe [R-OK], was passed by the Senate and the House in June and September, respectively, and was signed by president Donald Trump on December 20. The Act is an annual budgetary legislation that sets defense policies and establishes their funding levels, as well as the agencies responsible for these policies.

According to the Section 5503 of Assessments of Intentions of Political Leadership of the Russian Federation of the document, the relevant U.S. bodies shall submit to the appropriate congressional committees assessments of Russian political leadership’s current intentions with respect to “potential responses to an enlarged United States or NATO military presence in eastern Europe or to increased United States military support for allies and partners in the region, such as the provision of additional lethal military equipment to Ukraine or Georgia.”

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