One Revealed for Uploading, Disseminating Politician’s Sex Tape

Police revealed a person who initially uploaded and disseminated the sex tape allegedly depicting MP Eka Beselia’s private life.

The Georgian Interior Ministry said on July 23 that a Georgian citizen, currently detained in Armenia for murder, was the first to upload and disseminate the sex tape.

The person allegedly received the recording in Facebook Messenger from a Russian citizen in January 2019.

Both individuals were charged in absentia, according to Interior Ministry.

Investigation under Article 1571 of the criminal code of Georgia, involving disclosure and dissemination of personal secrets, is still underway.

The Interior Ministry said, the sex tape was filmed in May 2012 under ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration.

Nineteen suspects were arrested so far on charges of disseminating a secret video recording allegedly depicting MP Beselia’s private life.

Eka Beselia called on the law enforcement agencies to promptly identify persons behind “moral terror” against her, following reports of sex tape leak on January 28.

Reports about the sex tape leak emerged again on March 26. Georgian media outlets then reported that the recording was uploaded on YouTube and was available to internet users for more than two weeks.

The initial sex tape leak occurred within the context of internal dispute in the Georgian Dream party over the Supreme Court nominations.

Eka Beselia left the ruling Georgian Dream party on February 22, but verbal confrontation between her and the remaining GD lawmakers continued.

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