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Georgian MP Re-elected as OSCE PA President

Georgian MP Giorgi Tsereteli was re-elected as the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly for 2019-2020. Tsereteli, who assumed the duties of the OSCE PA Acting President in November 2017, is a member of the European Georgia party.

In his closing remarks to the 28th annual session of the OSCE PA, held in Luxembourg on July 4-8, Tsereteli thanked the parliamentarians for their support, saying it is the obligation of the politicians “to respond to the needs of our people.”

“We know where are challenges, we know where are problems. We understand that unfortunately we don’t have that miracle power to decide over those challenges in one day or in one night,” Tsereteli said.

“It’s important burden, huge work… we have to steadily work for this to achieve – even sometimes small results when it’s conflict resolution, or it’s terrorism, or migration change or other things,” Tsereteli added.

Giorgi Tsereteli was first elected to the Georgian Parliament in 1999, serving as its Deputy Chairman in 2000-2004 and 2008-2012.

Currently he is the chairman of European Georgia–Movement for Liberty, an eight-member faction within the parliamentary minority group. He also sits at the parliamentary committees of Foreign Affairs and Healthcare and Social Issues.

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