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State Security Service Opens Probe into Machalikashvili’s Remarks

The State Security Service of Georgia has launched an investigation into the May 31 remarks of Malkhaz Machalikashvili, father of the terror-related case suspect who was shot dead during the Security Service operation on December 26 last year.

Machalikashvili, who has been vocal in recent protests in Tbilisi, said at the initial demonstration on May 31 that “several hundreds of my people (implying residents of Georgia’s Muslim-majority Pankisi gorge) had sworn to go to the State Security Service [building] and detonate ourselves there.”

Machalikashvili, however, added that he changed his plans “because of my dear Georgian people, in order not to harm ordinary officers.”

Later, Machalikashvili recanted the statements, saying his remarks were made on “an emotional background,” and urged the public not to take his words “sensitively.” He also clarified it was him giving a pledge to around one hundred persons, rather than a hundred persons planning to detonate themselves.

The State Security Service confirmed to today that it was probing into Machalikashvili’s statement, but did not specify the charges he was facing. “The State Security Service is obliged to give a legal response to any public statement of such nature,” the Security Service said.

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