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Russo-Georgian War: August 4, 2008


  • A 30-minute exchange of fire takes place in the morning between Tskhinvali-controlled village Dmenisi and Georgian peacekeeping checkpoint on Sarabuki heights.
  • Russian-backed Tskhinvali leader Eduard Kokoity says that 300 volunteers have already arrived from the Russian Federation’s North Ossetia region to help his armed units against the Georgians. Kokoity also says he expects a total of two thousand volunteers.
  • Viktor Vodolatskiy, a leader of the Russian Cossacks and Russian Duma (Parliament) member, sends Eduard Kokoity a letter, saying the Cossacks “are ready to assist defense of the state interests of South Ossetia at your first word.”
  • Moscow accuses Tbilisi of using “disproportionate force” in Tskhinvali clashes.
  • Tbilisi says will present a comprehensive peace plan for Abkhazia in September.

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