20th century

Red Haze: Georgia After Bolshevik Occupation

Noe Jordania: What Bolshevism Means

In Stalin’s Growing Shadow

Putin’s Playbook in Ukraine Is a Century Old

Redjeb Jordania Obituary

Editorial | For The Republic, Reborn

History | Soviet Russia Invaded Georgia 100 Years Ago

Batumi: Travails of the City

100 Years Ago Today Soviet Russia Recognized Georgia. That Agreement Still Matters

Georgia’s Phantom Treaty

On Recognition of Georgia by Entente Powers: January 14, 1920

Georgian History Textbooks Still Preach Soviet Propaganda

Georgian Émigré Recollects Soviet Occupation of Tbilisi before US Congress in 1954

Archives: Georgia’s Chaotic Memory

Opening Speech: Constituent Assembly 12 March 1919

The Devil’s Whip – scathing eye of the first Republic of Georgia

“Democracy with Social Inertia” – How the Republic Built Schools

Georgia’s new generation of historians: seeking democracy’s past

Q and A: Why are Georgians still suspicious of the First Republic?

The Second International – Georgia’s “useless” ally or a European power?

The exuberant life and tragic death of the Blue Horns

Confidential Telegram of the Foreign Minister

Remembering Georgia’s First Republic

1921: Bolsheviks Mark 26 May amid Resistance, Protests

Soviet Invasion: Noe Jordania Appeals to the Compatriots

27 January 1921: Allied Powers Recognize Georgia de jure

Local governance tasked to protect historic-archaeological heritage

26 May 1919: Independence Celebrated in Akhaltsikhe

1919: Anniversary of Independence

Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan Leaders Hold the Conference of the Transcaucasian Republics

Georgia Troops led by Commander Kvinitadze Seize Ardagan

Georgia troops seize Gagra, Ardagan

The Women of Georgia

A great holiday – Georgia’s Constituent Assembly holds its first session – 12/03/1919

1919: British Prestige at Stake, as Denikin strikes Georgia troops in Sochi

Truce: Ottomans to take Akhaltsikhe, Akhalkalaki

Patriarch Welcomes Independence

Government: Germany recognizes our independence

Ottomans deliver ultimatum to Tbilisi

1918: Georgia’s Act of Independence Proclaimed

Socialists, Nationalists debate independence

Negotiations deadlocked, Ottoman army threatens Tbilisi

“How shall the anarchy be quelled?”

Draft law to abolish teaching of the Holy Scripture

Government troops push Bolsheviks out of Sokhumi

Government troops restore order in Bandza

Government cash for Indo-European telegraph upkeep

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