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Government troops push Bolsheviks out of Sokhumi

(Ertoba N102, 22 May 1918. Describes events of 15-17 May) Government of Transcaucasia informs: Several weeks ago, Bolsheviks have captured the district of Sokhumi together with the city of Sokhumi. As it is common to their mode of governance, they have caused the breakdown of normal life and disorganization everywhere, have terrorized the population and obliged them to pay the contribution of 3.5 million [roubles].

The Government, in concordance with the revolutionary organizations [on the ground] resolved to put an end to anarchy and has dispatched a detachment of Red Guards commanded by  Col. Koniev and the member of Transcaucasus Seym Valiko Jugheli, who have vanquished the well-armed Bolshevik troops in battle and entered Sokhumi, where the revolutionary order was thus immediately restored.

Reports from the ground convey the sense of excitement, with which the residents of Sokhumi have greeted the liberating troops of the Government, who were often met with ovation.

Our detachment has captured 400 prisoners, 11 cannons, out of which – 2 siege cannons, 21 machine guns, multiple rifles and military gear. Our destroyer N 525 has caught up with the Bolshevik transport fleeing Sokhumi, which was moving a significant amount of foodstuffs as well as the rebels. The transport was captured.

Following the liberation of Sokhumi from Bolsheviks, the celebratory common meeting of the City Council, Soviet of Workers and Peasants and of the Socialist Party Committees was held, which was also attended by scores of people. A resolution commending our troops was adopted, which welcomed our Government’s resolute action against the Bolsheviks.

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