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27 January 1921: Allied Powers Recognize Georgia de jure

“On de jure Recognition of Georgia,”, “Sakartvelos Respublika”, 1 February 1921, N23.

Cable Received from Foreign Minister Evgeni Gegechkori

The Foreign Ministry issued an official statement: Foreign Minister Evgeni Gegechkori, currently in Europe, radioed the Foreign Ministry that on January 27, the Supreme Council of the Allied Powers recognized Georgia de jure.

At the Constituent Assembly

On January 30 the session of the Constituent Assembly opened at 1 p.m. On the agenda of the deputies – a discussion of the draft Constitution, chapter seven, on finances. The session goes on normally, and Ivane Gomarteli [MP from the ruling Social Democrats] has the floor for about 40 minutes.

Letter informing of recognition
from Aristide Briand, President of France,
President of the Allied Confenrence

In the meantime, the news spread among the deputies that the representative of the Italian Mission transferred to the president of the government, Noe Jordania the cable from Foreign Minister Evgeni Gegechkori, concerning the de jure recognition.

After Gomarteli concludes his remarks, Noe Jordania requests to take the floor.

Statement by the President of the Government, Noe Jordania

(The Constituent Assembly meets Noe Jordania, the president of the government, with applause)

Citizens! Allow me to congratulate you on the news we have just received: Evgeni Gegechkori informed us through the Italian Mission that on the 27th of this month, the Supreme Council has recognized Georgia de jure (applause, ovations, shouts of “Hurray”)

A new state is born in the world, and this state is our state (applause). We have considered ourselves a state before, we were declaring ourselves sovereign and independent. From now on, this idea of ours, which we considered a given and declared three years ago, is met with approval from the leading states, and we enter the family of nations, as a state that has come of age, and into its right, a state among other states with full rights.

We do not fear threats from now on, because the recognition is not a transient act, but a permanent one.

You know, that Belgium was occupied [during WW I] but nobody said that Belgium, as a state, won’t be restored (applause). As we find ourselves in complicated circumstances today, this legal recognition equals assistance and, so, I would like to extend my welcome and gratitude to the governments of those states which, with this act, extended their hand and elevated us in this situation.

I express my gratitude to the governments of England, France, and Italy (applause, and extended ovation to the Italian representative). I also want to thank the representatives of these countries here [in Georgia] which, as we know, had a great part in this development and have been sending notes for this decision, and promoting it jointly in their official circles. Col. [Claude Bayfield] Stokes here present, [Abel] Chevalier and the Italian Mission took part (applause). From this day onwards, of course, we need to redouble our efforts, and our resilience and will work even faster. It is time now, that as soon as possible we get a constitutional expression too. So I think that from today onwards we can work with more calm, call on all our collaborators, those who work to edify our state, and on all our people, that the trust expressed today towards our present statehood, and its recognition by all states as a fully-fledged state – we have to live up to it, with our work and our fortitude (applause and ovation).

Statement by Alexander Lomtatidze, Deputy President of the Assembly

Citizens, members of the Constituent Assembly! The hopes of our people and our nation have been fulfilled. It had the right to receive such news from Europe, the news that the president of our government notified you of moments ago. Our nation knew, that its indefatigable struggle would result in this great victory. Today, citizens, as this news reaches people, there would not be a single person who loves its free country, free Georgia, who won’t send their heartfelt gratitude in recognition of those people and those states, that have helped us greatly in achieving this victory.

Our people, all of our nation, declare publicly that it will fulfill the duty conferred by this international act with integrity. Our people would work relentlessly to embellish, strengthen and protect their free motherland from enemies, and to walk the path of the ideals of humankind alongside the European nations.

Permit me, gentlemen, to thank in the name of the Constituent Assembly, and therefore our whole nation, all of those who helped the Georgian nation in achieving this great victory. First of all, of course, England and its people France and its people, Italy and its people. Victory to them! (great applause and ovation to the foreign representatives).

Long live the European Democracy! Long live the Georgian democracy! Long live free, independent Georgia! (ovation and shouts of hurray).

Long live this small country which will embellish the great nations of great Europe with its relentless effort, knowledge, and ability (applause).

At this time, in this great hour, I can not but recognize our armed forces – our National Guard and our Army (applause and ovation).

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