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“How shall the anarchy be quelled?”

“Such is our view: The anarchy can only be quelled by vanquishing its causes…Truce first, then the reforms and through reforms – eradication of anarchy – such shall be our only path” writes “Ertoba” (Unity), the daily published by the Social Democratic Party.

Anarchy has put deep roots in our country. Everywhere, but especially in villages, there are armed people roaming, peaceful folk have no respite: robbery, insults and murder became commonplace. The life has become so hard, people are so longing for peace, that they care little who climbs on the governing seat, lest he manages to establish order…

Peasants are saying: what good is the government that has no resort to a whip and gallows? Certainly, we can’t completely rule out harsh measures…, but

Anarchy has deep social causes, and we can not eradicate it by repression only.

Until the war is stopped and truce reigns, we can not hope to get rid of anarchy. Arriving to truce is of crucial importance for us now.

[Yet, to fight anarchy] social reforms must be implemented without delay…National-territorial division is also one of the ways, since perhaps on more delimited national territory the order can more easily be established. [This article is written while the Trans-Caucasus Federation still exists. Ethno-national boundaries are non-existent. The newspaper implies, that the more homogenous the territory ethnically, the easier it is to govern –].

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