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Government: Germany recognizes our independence

(Ertoba N 110, 31 May 1918) President of the Government, Noe Ramishvili reported to the Georgian National Council on 29 May:

“By adopting an Act of Georgia’s independence, the National Council has put a great responsibility on the Government’s shoulders. It had to notify all states’ governments of this Act, that our Republic was ready to become a full-fledged member of the common family. The government knew, that the German delegation was currently in Poti and has sent its representative for talks. The results of the talks are as follows:

The German government recognizes our independence, and sends its representative to confirm this. Germany also promises to secure the Georgian territory against the external enemies.

As you may see, friendly alliance is fully restored between us and Germany. We hope to restore friendly relations with the Ottoman Empire as well. For this purpose, the Republic of Georgia is sending its delegation for talks with the Ottoman Empire.”

In its rousing editorial, “Ertoba” welcomes the news:

“Since Germany has recognized our independence, doubtlessly our country would not be left at the mercy of the Ottomans. The international congress would decide the question of our country and drive the Ottoman Empire out of Georgia. The Ottomans know this well.

“We have to show the Ottomans, that we could repeat the events of Choloki. Let us protect our independence and the revolution. Let us fiercely resist the enemy.” – the editorial ends.

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