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Draft law to abolish teaching of the Holy Scripture

(Tbilisi, May 22, 1918, “Ertoba”) Education Commissariat of Transcaucasus drafted the law to abolish the teaching of the Holy Scripture in the higher, secondary and primary education establishments of Transcaucasus, irrespective of them being state, public or private. The draft is being reviewed by the Seim (Parliament).

According to the same draft, starting 1 July 1918 the remunerated positions of teachers will be abolished and the budgetary funding for these positions will be withdrawn. Teachers left unemployed as a result of this reform will receive compensation, in accordance to the Law on Compensation to Servants Subject to Redundancies.

Those parents who wish their children to continue learning the Holy Scripture could avail themselves of the premises of education facilities, provided that the administrations so allow.

According to the draft law, all religious practice and service at educational institutions shall cease.

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