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Ottomans deliver ultimatum to Tbilisi

(Ertoba N108, 29 May, 1918) In the evening of 26 May, in Batumi, representatives of the Ottoman delegation have handed the ultimatum to the Trans-Caucasus delegation, demanding from them to cede the railway for transportation of the Ottoman troops to Persia, as well as to cede two Georgian districts – Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki, as well as most of Armenia.

On the very same evening, the head of Trans-Caucasus delegation, Akaki Chkhenkeli has informed the Ottoman delegation, that Trans-Caucasus Republic has been dissolved and that Georgia has declared independence. Subsequently, Chkhenkeli returned to Tbilisi to seek additional directives.

The Ottoman delegation stated, that the three-day ultimatum stands towards the Georgian delegation, albeit the time shall be counted from 27 May, when the ultimatum has been handed to the representative of the newly independent Georgia.

The Georgian government is assuring its citizens, that it would do all in its powers so that the borders are settled without armed combat. At the same time, the government warns the residents of Akhaltsikhe and Akhalkalaki districts, that the Ottoman military might proceed with military action in these areas. The government calls upon the residents to maintain order, and to be ready to raise to the defense of the motherland at the call of the government.

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