Two Georgian Citizens Detained for Links to Terrorist ‘Islamic State’

On June 6, the State Security Service of Georgia (SSSG) reported the arrest of two Georgian citizens for the illegal purchase and storage of firearms and ammunition as part of the ongoing investigation of a terrorist crime.

The special operation was conducted simultaneously in two locations in the city of Batumi. According to SSSG, automatic rifles, pistols, hand grenades, flags with symbols of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” and various types of evidence were removed from the residences of the arrested persons.

The SSSG notes that the Counter-Terrorism Center of the State Security Service is conducting an investigation under Articles 236 and 328 of the Criminal Code, which provide for prison sentences of 3 to 6 years and 10 to 17 years, respectively. At the same time, the SSSG said, anti-terrorist measures are being actively carried out in order to identify the links of the detained persons with the terrorist organization “Islamic State”.

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