PM Addresses “Sincere, Misled Youths,” Says Opponents Have “Lower IQ”

On May 10, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze published an “open letter” on Facebook addressing “sincere” but “misled” youths and arguing that “around 10 thousand” protesters, mostly UNM supporters take part in rallies against the foreign agents bill “regularly”, while GD represents Georgians who have “higher IQ” and come from across the wide section of society.

Since the Georgian Dream’s reintroduction of the foreign agents bill on April 3, tens of thousands of Georgian have protested in the streets. The domestic rallies have been accompanied with massive international outcry with the partners calling on the Georgian Government to drop the bill, warning severe consequences for the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration bid if the bill is adopted into law.

“In general, the most dangerous for the state is the dominance of people with average intelligence and knowledge, which is confirmed by the Dunning-Kruger theory. According to this theory, a person with average intelligence and knowledge has the highest level of self-confidence. A person who has not read the law, but has heard from an associate professor at Ilia University and from across the ocean that this law is Russian, has the strongest belief that the law he has not read is bad,” PM Kobakhidze wrote in the longest of his statements so far, adding that people with high self-confidence and lack of intelligence are “more dangerous than a Russian tank.”

PM Kobakhidze once again attacked youth protest movements, accusing them of being “violent”. PM Kobakhidze then went on to accuse opposition Lelo leader Mamuka Khazaradze, TV Formula founder Davit Kezerashvili and foreign donors of financing those groups with “black and non-transparent money.”

In his open letter, PM Kobakhidze primarily focused on discussing a mysterious “sincere young man he knows,” and whose posts he has followed on Facebook throughout the years highlighting him as an example of the confused youths among rally attendees and mockingly calling him a “sincere youth”.

PM discussed this man’s stance on significant political events from 2020 to the present, citing his Facebook posts as sources, and concluded that “despite so many mistakes, this sincere young man of ours is still standing at the rally. He has not read the Georgian law, let alone the Russian law, but he believes that the Georgian law is Russian.”

In this context, the PM said the government is faced with a choice as to whom to follow in this situation, this “sincere youth of average intelligence” and his associates, or “our young, middle-aged and elderly fellow citizens who correctly analyzed the events of the past three years and did not accept any artificially created provocation and helped maintain the strength of the state.”

Prime Minister Kobakhidze called on the “sincere youth” to understand the importance of moving towards Europe “with dignity”, adding that the country will become a member of the EU by 2030 with this dignity, “as an independent and a sovereign state.”

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