Kremlin Defends Reintroduction by GD of Foreign Agents Law

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov defended the reintroduction of the Foreign Agents law by the Parliamentary majority in Georgia, saying that “no sovereign state wants interference from other countries in domestic politics. This is normal practice,” the Russian media outlet reported on April 4.

“We see a rather acute and sharp reaction of the opposition to such plans. But probably there is just a need to more actively explain to them the absurdity of [attempts] to consider this a Russian project”, Peskov said.

According to him, “the first country that came up with a system for combating foreign agents is the United States”. He said that today adopting such laws is “in fact, a global practice” and “now almost all countries are fighting against those who are agents of foreign states, receive money from or are under the influence of foreign states”.

“Georgia is our neighbor. It is in our interests that the situation in Georgia is stable and predictable,” Peskov added.

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