CSOs Call on EU’s Várhelyi to Prepare Interim Report on Georgia’s Reform Progress

12 local CSOs address the EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement, Olivér Várhelyi “to consider the possibility of preparing an interim evaluation report on Georgia” on its progress in meeting the nine conditions set for Georgia by the European Commission last November.

CSOs emphasize that such a report would help them identify the specific problems Georgia faces on its path to European integration, allowing them to push the government in the process of implementing the nine conditions.

“This approach will significantly enhance government accountability and transparency in the reform process, and promote inclusiveness and effective oversight,” reads the March 4 joint address.

The copies of the joint address were also sent to the EU Delegation and the diplomatic missions of EU Member States in Georgia.

CSOs stress the importance of their participation in the legislative and policy-making process, which they say is one of the “key components” of the nine conditions. They thus express their willingness to “play an active role” in contributing to the country’s EU integration, in particular by being able to ensure that state policies reflect the will of the people to join the EU.

Referring to the 2023 oral interim report on Georgia’s progress in meeting 12 recommendations for the subsequent granting of EU candidate status, CSOs noted that such a report has already helped Georgia in the past. According to the address, the 2023 report played “a crucial role in serving as an incentive for certain reform measures.”

“Your support in this matter will contribute to the successful realization of our shared objectives,” the address concludes.

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