Media, Locals Raise Concerns About Extensive Fishing in occupied Abkhazia

Recent media reports, citing local residents, suggest that Turkish vessels have been engaging in illegal anchovy fishing in the territorial waters of Georgia, specifically off the coast of the occupied Abkhazia. Fishing involving Turkish vessels, which has persisted for years, has raised concerns locally this year due to an increased volume of fish caught and an unbearable odor spreading across the city of Sokhumi.

According to Savely Chitanava, who works on ecology in occupied Abkhazia, the unpleasant odor is attributed to wind-borne emissions from fish processing factories. Regarding reported fishing violations, de facto authorities claim to have detected only two cases, both under investigation.

As reported by Ekho Kavkaza, in December of the previous year, the de facto authorities in occupied Abkhazia projected a substantial harvest of anchovy, totaling 90,000 tons—an noteworthy increase compared to the previous season. The considerable escalation in fishing activities sparks concerns regarding the potential threat to the reproductive capabilities of the anchovy population as well.

It remains unknown whether the Georgian authorities have granted permission for fishing to the Turkish companies. has reached out to the relevant Georgian authorities, but as of now, no response has been received.

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